Training for Ironman Ireland – Week 2

If you missed Week 1 you can read that HERE.

So after a solid first week of training there was not to be much recovery at the start of the week as it was Bank Holiday Monday! I also had the Tuesday off work because it’s tradition in our office to be closed on the Tuesday after bank holiday so I had planned that this week would be the biggest week of the three. Unfortunately however, things don’t always go to plan…!

27th May – 2nd June

Monday – As it was a bank holiday Cardigan Swimming Pool was closed so we drove to Carmarthen to meet our friends Scott and Sian at the pool. After the swim Scott and David went off to find some breakfast whilst Sian and myself met up with another of our friends Mel for a social ride which included a lovely lunch stop. My bum was really sore on the saddle after Saturday’s ride but apart from that it was really enjoyable. Both myself and Mel ride Liv Envie’s and before the end of the day Sian had ordered one too! Lush bikes!

Tuesday – Now this was supposed to be my “bonus” day of the week as I had the day off work to do what I wanted. My plan had a swim before a tough bike to run brick session. By this point I was TIRED and my cold was really catching up with me so I went for a little swim before meeting up with my parents and my niece for brunch instead.

I was disappointed that that I hadn’t been able to make the most of my “bonus” day off but I knew that I really needed a quiet day.

Wednesday – Back to work after 4 days off. This was always going to be a rest day after a big bank holiday. I resisted the urge to try and make up for yesterday and kept it as a rest day.

But, us being us, and not being able to keep still we were unable to resist the sunny evening and ended up walking to the estuary (locally known as “Patch”) and back. Just a little 4 mile walk to clear the head after a day behind the desk. Lovely 🙂

Thursday – 2 mile swim before work. When I swim before work I take breakfast with me and eat it at my desk. I also keep a hair dryer in my drawer so I can eat my breakfast and dry my hair before 9am.

Another evening of no training and I’m starting to feel back to myself and ready for another big weekend.

Friday – I started the day with an endurance run before work. After the run I was feeling good and convinced myself I’d make today a double run day to make up for the missed session on Tuesday but by the time I finished work I wasn’t feeling it. Instead, we spent the evening making homemade pizza. Carb loading ready for tomorrow!

Saturday – Swim to Bike brick endurance session. I didn’t bring my bike to the pool but I did bring my kit so I got changed into my cycling kit (putting arm warmers on when still a bit wet is definitely a challenge!) then drove home (2 minute journey) to put on my bike shoes and get on the bike.

Luckily I had bumped into Bryanie the night before in Tesco when I was buying my pizza ingredients and we’d arranged to do the whole session together which was definitely a huge help that day.

That afternoon David and I went for a walk into town to buy both our Dads gifts as both their birthdays were coming up – one thing I’ve noticed writing this blog is that we don’t really like to sit still and we probably need to get better at the “rest and recovery” bit and put our feet up a bit more.

Sunday – Wattbike and treadmill session. Feeling fed up so did all of my session inside watching the Challenge World Champs for inspiration before heading over to David’s parents house to celebrate his Dad’s birthday with lots of food and a little bit of wine.

I’ve made it sound as if I haven’t done as much this week as last week because I missed a session on Tuesday, had a rest day on Wednesday and only did 1 morning session on each of Thursday and Friday but the hours actually worked out very similar to last week. I definitely struggled more this week though and felt like I was barely functioning between sessions but it just shows if you just keep chipping away at it day after day consistently the hours will add up.

2 weeks down, one to go before it’s TAPER TIME!

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