Training for Ironman Ireland – Week 1

It’s Tuesday today and we are officially into our “taper” for Ironman Ireland. It’s been a big 3 week block of training and I thought I would write a few posts looking back at my biggest training block this year and how I’ve fit it in around work and life generally. If no-one finds it interesting it’ll be something for me to look back on if I ever do another Ironman!

I have worked full time (9-5 as a solicitor) during these 3 weeks. I haven’t taken any annual leave to train – something I did do for Ironman Wales 2018. I have completely neglected seeing my family during this time and most of my friends (unless they can ride a bike.)

Since October 2018 David, my boyfriend, has been coaching me properly and we use the TrainXhale platform to do this. I would recommend to any triathlete. It allows you and your coach to analyse your sessions in depth and compare them to previous sessions. I hardly use Strava anymore, unless I’ve been training with friends or I’ve got an unexpected QOM! (Guilty!). These days I only compare my training with my own, I don’t even think about segments anymore!

Week1 – 20th-26th May

I had a very quiet week last week (well apart from cycling Sa Calobra on the Monday) as I was travelling home from Mallorca, celebrating my birthday and one of my best friend’s hen party so when Monday arrived I am raring to go.

Monday – 70 min Wattbike including 3x9min intervals. Before the session I look back at my previous sessions to see what I’ve previously managed to hold for these 9 minute intervals and use this as a target. Afterwards I can compare my sessions and I am happy to see that this is the 3rd time I’ve done this session and I have improved everytime. Since October 2018 my average watts for the 3x9mins has gone up by 10 watts with only half the rest between intervals.

Tuesday – easy 45 min run on the treadmill before work. After work involved 3km of sprints in the pool followed by a strength session concentrating on glutes and hamstrings and some lower back stretches.

Wednesday – 90min Wattbike endurance session with 1 hour effort holding 70.3 target power.

Thursday – I was supposed to swim in the morning but could feel a cold coming on. Not enough to stop me swimming but I knew I had a big weekend ahead so I decided to skip the swim and rest. I did do 30 mins of core and balance work in the evening.

Friday – Tipi Run! Our good friend Rhys Harries organises a few races throughout the year and on Friday evening it was the 8 mile Tipi Run. Starting and finishing in the Pizza Tipi in Cardigan. This run is tough as it is really hilly but there was pizza for all the runners afterwards! Win!

So straight after work on Friday I got changed at the office and went on a 5 mile warm up run before doing the race. 13 miles of good running in the bag. It was really enjoyable as there were so many people I knew taking part and a great opportunity to socialise afterwards with pizza and a cheeky little beer!

Saturday – 100 miles on the bike with Bryanie. We decided we would cycle from Cardigan to Narberth where we would start the hilliest of the Ironman Wales loops. We bumped into a group of boys we knew – including both our boyfriends, David and Rhys, who were also doing the loop. We drafted them for a while which was good but when we reached the hill in Templeton I was at the back of the pack. Being the lightest there and I think the only one on a road bike I flew past everyone on the climb. David soon caught me up and told me off for showing off! We were only 60 miles in at this point! Haha. I did enjoy overtaking him though 😉

The 100 miles was hard, especially mentally as the route we had planned came up short and we had to take a detour to make it up. Still, 100 miles in the bag and the 4 of us went out for a meal that night as a reward.

Sunday – 3km swim, run with strides on the treadmill, back stretches. Sofa.

Job done. A really good first week. I am feeling tired and I’ve still got that cold but it’s not stopping or affecting my training.

Week 2 to follow…

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