Meat – free January

Our journey of cutting down on meat started in January last year when we started doing Meat Free Mondays as our new years resolution. As the year went on our meat free days increased and by the end of the year we were usually only eating meat for about 2-3 days a week. Fast forward... Continue Reading →

Race Report: Ironman Ireland 2019

The week leading up to the race mainly involved refreshing the Met Office app, BBC weather and the Irish Met Office website on a continuous loop. Unfortunately every time I hit refresh the weather forecast seemed to worsen! David and I were both racing and Helen and Roger (David's parents) came with us to support.... Continue Reading →

Race Report: Majorca 70.3

It's hard to know where to start with this blog post... I'm writing this on the runway of Mallorca airport and it's quite tough to get my thoughts in order, my brain and body are absolutely frazzled! I am also very sad to be leaving. I absolutely love Mallorca. This is where I properly fell... Continue Reading →

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