8 reasons why Ironman Cozumel needs to be on your race bucket list.

The social media posts from the athletes at the race last week have brought back some great memories of our trip to Ironman Cozumel in November 2018.

Having completed my first Ironman at Wales in September I was in desperate need of a relaxing holiday however, they aren’t really David’s cup of tea so when his coach suggested Ironman Cozumel we didn’t need much persuasion.. it was the best of both worlds!

Here’s why I think Ironman Cozumel should be on your todo list:-

1. As I mentioned above, it’s the best of both worlds.. an Ironman at a holiday destination.. you can bring your friends and family and they will have plenty to do. But it’s not just a tourist trap.. in the words of Lonely Planet Cozumel is “an island of quiet cool and genuine authenticity.” You’re almost guaranteed nice weather which is a nice bonus in November, although it can get a bit toasty during that marathon!

2. The food… fajitas, tacos, nachos, the chicken and lime soup is also outstanding – what better post race food. Don’t forget the corona!

3. The snorkelling.. ok. Confession time. Seeing fish in the sea as I swim freaks me the hell out. But if this is your thing, Cozumel is famous for its snorkelling and diving.

4. The swim is “downhill” – you’ll have a current pushing you the whole length of the point to point swim. Like swimming with a tailwind. There’s also the bonus of the free outdoor 25m pool in town.

5. Culture – if you like a bit of history there is plenty to see on Cozumel with Maya settlements here dating back to AD 300. We hired a car (you can hire really cool VW Beetles or big jeeps – or if you’re like us you can end up with an old tin can 😂🙈) we explored the Maya archaeological sites of El Cedral with its beautiful little small church and San Gervasio Ruins – thought to be the sanctuary of Ichel the Mayan goddess of fertility! If you cross back to the mainland the famous ruins of Tulum are not too far away if you fancy a day trip.

6. It’s a flat 3 loop bike course around the whole of the beautiful island with no technical bits. Just watch out for the headwind on the East side of the island.

7. Friendly and kind people – the People of Cozumel could not do enough for us. We stayed at the Grand Park Royal hotel (awesome location for race day.. you can pop back in for breakfast, shade and Wi-Fi as the athletes cycle straight passed the front of the hotel) and the staff here couldn’t do enough. There are a few steps which could be a struggle with a bike box in tow but the staff would rush over to help immediately!

8. Swimming in Cenotes – One of our favourite parts of our trip was when we crossed back to the mainland to explore a cenote – a natural swimming pool inside a limestone sinkhole, a cave whose roof has collapsed and filled with water. They used to be the only source of water in the jungle for the Mayans who believed they were sacred and a gateway to the underworld and a portal to speak to the gods!

We definitely hope to go back to Cozumel one year.. in the meantime, we are looking forward to exploring a few other countries whilst ticking off our triathlon bucket list!

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