10 things that happen when you take on Rapha’s Festive 500

1. You get used to being permanently damp because your either in damp clothes that haven’t dried properly from last night’s wash or smelly clothes that you thought would be “okay” for another outing but on reflection definitely should have gone in the wash.

2. You start planning your rides on strava to the meter as you don’t want to run the risk of cycling more or less than you need to that day.

3. About half way through the challenge your average speed drops dramatically and all of a sudden your 45 mile rides go from 3 hours to 4.

4. You stop checking the weather apps. Even if both the met office and BBC weather apps say 0% chance of rain – it will rain.

5. Your use of the s=d/t equation reaches expert level. I knew that physics a-level and maths AS would come in handy some day!

6. You get so fed up of counting the miles and looking at your watch constantly you start carrying your watch in your back pocket.

7. You become far too familiar with the road outside your house as you cycle back and forward along it topping up the miles.

8. It doesn’t matter how many times you do it, you always underestimate how long it takes you to get dressed into all of your winter gear.

9. Shortbread, mince pies and mini yule logs become appropriate cycling fuel.

10. You get a bruised bum.

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